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Defining the quality of your cashmere scarf?

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Cashmere scarf has always been the staple winter accessory for so many years without  any questions. We usually see cashmere sweaters and coats on store shelves in winter because they are the highest quality and most expensive. According to some, a cashmere scarf is ten times softer and warmer than a traditional sheepskin scarf. cashmere wrap is a super soft and silky material or fine hair that comes from the cashmere goats, specifically their undercoat.  The majority of these goats live in the land of China, so people can export the wool from there.

What makes 100% cashmere scarf so soft and in high demand?

The undercoat of mountain goats comprises of super thin hair with durable and long-lasting insulation properties. Cashmere goats have a strong outer coat to protect their undercoat from water and damage as it is the undercoat that produces cashmere. A large number of cashmere goats live in the coldest parts of China or Mongolia due to the extreme weather conditions. Cold temperatures lead to steady production of high quality soft and fine hair. The insulation property of cashmere scarf will keep you comfortably warm in winter in a quite breathable way.

How is cashmere scarf quality reliable?

There are several factors that affect the quality of cashmere wraps, including length, color, fiber, and texture. These factors also play a huge role in the costing and pricing of products made from cashmere. Most of the cashmere products and cashmere scarves, especially cashmere sweaters are 2 times more expensive than regular sweaters made from sheep wool as the fineness of the hair differs.

  • Fineness and length of the fibers make a huge difference in the resilience of cashmere scarf. Pure cashmere scarf made with fine and long fibers tend to stay in shape regardless of how many times they have been washed.
  • White, gray and brown are natural colors that cashmere is found in. Cashmere wrap in natural color require no dye. And also cost less and dyeing cashmere items is a long and careful process.

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Are all cashmere scarves in good quality?

There are many tests to prove the quality of natural cashmere scarf. The common ones are:

The touch test

High quality and natural 100% cashmere scarf will never feel itchy on your skin. It should feel smooth and soft. The look and feel of it makes it high quality cashmere scarf in fact. Cashmere wraps shouldn’t be excessively soft as then the material will wear out fast.

The stretch test

As mentioned before, natural cashmere is resilient. It is always possible to maintain the shape. To test it out by stretching, if the cashmere wrap doesn’t return to shape then it’s simply low quality cashmere. And if it does then its natural high quality cashmere. 

The pilling test

High quality cashmere scarf is made of long thin fibers as mentioned before. If the cashmere wrap easily rubs off on your hand then that means it was made of low quality cashmere which has short hair. The item will easily wear off.

Natural cashmere wrap should always be soft and luxurious. It should always keep you warm and be comfortable on the skin. And it should last very long despite washing it a hundred times. Natural cashmere wrap will always be expensive but also worth it.

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