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Snowflake Test. Take our Free and Honest quiz in 2022

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Find out if you are hypersensitive with our online Snowflake Test. You are a unique snowflake, but what makes you so special? Here’s a 100% honest analysis to help you figure out.

What Does It Mean?

A snowflake refers to someone who acts differently from the rest of the world in order to gain special treatment. Recent years, people often use the term to describe someone who is prone to anger. 

Millennials and Gen-Zers face a controversial test

It is believed that Millennials do not cope well with the harsh realities of politics or life. The Gen-Zers are in the process of eliminating culture and are squeamish. Thus, the quiz indicates the validity of the idea.

There are several meanings for this term. When describing too delicate or touchy persons in the Snowflake Test, it is used as a way to describe them.

A description of the snowflake test

This test assesses your toughness with twenty respectful yet triggering questions. It does not include any items that are racist, homophobic, or hateful in nature. This quiz is therefore safe for everyone to take. Throughout the test, you encounter challenging concepts and contentious ideas.

Based on real Snowflake Quiz results, we created a real analysis. In most cases, however, you’ll find fun and flippant questionnaires online.

Here are the questions we hope to answer:

  • Is it more likely for the right-wing or left-wing to call you a snowflake?
  • Easily upset? Do you have a short temper?
  • How do you feel about your life being better than most people’s?
  • Isn’t it easier to avoid all triggers in life?
  • What about opposing opinions? Can you accept them?

A Brief History of Using “Snowflakes” to Describe Others

The term Snowflake has existed for much longer than the catchphrase from the Fight Club book. A historical study shows that Americans referred to some people as such for the first time during and after the Civil War in the 1860s. The article described mainly white males who supported slavery.

Following the Black Power Movement in the 1970s, people began to use the term as a racial slur. Snowflakes are black people who act too white to others, according to Old Testament terminology.

In the modern era, it is used at political rallies, having begun in 2015. Millennials were referred to as snowflakes by the left as a result of their fragility. Left-wingers were angry about Trump’s support as well, and labeled him a “snowflake” for being offended by everything.

A decade from now, it will be an umbrella term for anyone who is easily offended or cannot tolerate opposing opinions.

How Does the Snowflake Test Work?

How can some people ask, “Am I a snowflake? ” if it has such a negative connotation?Or why would someone be interested in taking a test to demonstrate this? These questionnaires are still popular despite their undesirable connotations because of four main reasons. Here are more details.

·    Terminate culture

Culture of call-outs exists. This phenomenon leaves many millennials and Gen-Zers feeling isolated and alone. Individuals have recently been labeled Snowflakes as a method of dismissal. Therefore, some individuals take online tests, such as the one found here, to determine whether they are deserving of such tags.

·    Interviews for a job

As part of his job interviews, Silent Partner Marketing’s CEO used a self-created hypersensitiveness test. The goal of his screening process was to eliminate fragile and hypersensitive applicants. Thousands of companies have used Kyle Reyes’ Snowflake Test since it went viral, inspiring other employers to do likewise. Therefore, people are still looking for such tests online to give them a try before applying for a job.

·    Self-Evaluation

Snowflake testing is only a self-assessment tool for millennials, Generation Z, and even Zillennials. Rather, they want to avoid being misconstrued as weak and easily broken.

·    Points of Politics

It has been a topic of political debate since 2015. Therefore, people might take a free Snowflake test only for the sake of proving their ideologies. Right and left wing beliefs are included in our questionnaire to determine whether you are considered soft or prickly.

What Is the Reason Some Are Against Snowflake Tests?

Black Lives Matter was one of the most successful social justice movements of the 2010s. Yet some argue that innocent-looking words such as “snowflake” are causing bias and bigotry in certain sections of society and damaging certain groups. Because of this, some activists and influencers have been critical of the online tests.

Those who support right-wing causes have often attacked Gen-Zers for being open about their struggles with mental illness. One recent victim of these strikes was American artistic gymnast Simone Biles. (She withdrew from the finals of the Olympics due to unstable mental health and was called weak, selfish, and privileged by some for her actions).

What if someone called you a snowflake during the test?

We developed a test that does not directly refer to individuals by name or label them. It examines your opinion to see how and why these titles might have been given to you. On this page, you’ll find a Snowflake Test that identifies which group of people is more likely to consider you easily offended. However, the results do not support or confirm their opinions.

Before you take the quiz, keep these things in mind

Only those who are already aware of the absurdity of snowflake-like labels should take this test. It is not appropriate to use such derogatory words in modern-day speech. The following things should be considered before taking the quiz, even though we created a useful one.

You shouldn’t keep using this term (if you haven’t already)

This discriminatory word is used in the Snowflake Test. But that doesn’t mean we’re okay with it. It doesn’t matter what you mean when you use such offensive language. There are even those who advocate a deeper and darker meaning to the term that is also disgusting. A popular folklore belief holds that the Nazis coined the phrase to describe the ashes left behind by burning bodies in camps.

Note: No academic organization agrees that the origin of this word is given by any one of these sources.

Be unique and own it

Every snowflake is unique, just like each human fingerprint. You can be certain that your exclusivity bothers them if they call you that.

There are a couple of things you can do if your feelings are hurt by people who are biased. In an article written for Bustle, Julie Sprankles outlined the following methods.

  • Say Thanks!

The person with the intention of using this as an insult against you might be thrown off by a simple thank you, explains Julie.

  • Don’t interact with the person

A person’s use of bigoted terms is indicative of toxic behavior. For your mental health, it is always best to shut them down and avoid further interactions.

  • Let Them Know How Disrespectful They Are

This term has been used as a criticism against proslavery and even black community members. If the speaker uses a word that is unacceptable, then let them know. They are disregarding historical and social movements that have affected them.

Increasing Awareness

The term has a horrific origin and negative connotations that are not known by everyone. Therefore, spreading awareness and offering help to people can be done using online tools such as the Snowflake Test. Our quiz results include helpful information that you can share with others on social media.

Disclaimers and closing words

It is against Quiz Expos philosophy to discriminate or discriminate against anyone. We do not support or endorse ideas that label younger generations weak or incapable based on the Snowflake Test. If you find the results inappropriate, please contact us and we will make adjustments.

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