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The Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion has been available for quite some time. I wanted to share a review with you after shooting more than 30,000 rounds through mine over the past year in both 3-gun and USPSA competitions. The platform appealed to me because it’s lightweight, ergonomic, and holds many rounds. This pistol is very cool thanks to its competition-based design and Grayguns upgrades. 


Sig P320 X5 Legion holster can be used right out of the box as a workhorse. There are many features that help the competitive shooter, but it is also an excellent choice for those looking for a home defense system as well. This gun is accurate enough for both with its five-inch barrel. Take a look at how this gun is ready to go right out of the box. 

We should first discuss the tungsten-infused grip module. A tungsten grip module lightens the X5 Legion to 43.5 ounces. The striker-fired pistol is still quite heavy at that weight. The weight does, however, make for less recoil and a smoother transition. The weight and ergonomics of a metal gun – such as a 1911 – combine with the weight and ergonomics of a striker-fired pistol. The tungsten grip is a great reason to buy the X5 Legion. 

The flared magwell is extremely helpful for reloading. The magwell creates a funnel that just sucks in magazines. There is also an extension on the slide release on this gun, making it easier to drop the slide.

Capacity is another important benefit. There are 17- and 21-round magazines available for the X5. There is an option to extend the baseplates for the 23-round magazines, so that a total of 21 rounds is available. The difference in having to reload one target less in a competition may not seem significant, but it is. Using the flared magwell, the 21-round magazines will also make reloading easier because the 17-rounders will sit flush. 

The slide is one of the final big upgrades on the X5 LEGION P320. The Romeo 1 Pro is one of the most popular optics that can be mounted directly to the mount. The benefit of direct mounting is that it eliminates the risks associated with mounting plates such as cracking or coming loose. We also wrote an article on the best optics for 2020, in which I reviewed four optics with the X5 Legion.


You can completely remove the fire-control unit from the P320 platform due to its modular frame. This has several advantages. It is the serialized part of the gun. The grips of most striker-fired pistols are serialized. This means that if you damage or break your grip, you need to purchase a new gun.

Now you can take the fire-control unit and place it into a different grip. Sig offers a number of grip options for the P320, some people also prefer grips with contrasting textures or designs. The gun can also be easily disassembled and hosed down if it becomes dirty. This has happened to me a few times during competitions when things got rather sticky from dirt. 


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It’s also great knowing there are lots of aftermarket parts and repair shops that work on the Sig Sauer P320 series of firearms. It wasn’t needed, but Grayguns overhauled my X5 Legion. However, as competitive shooters, our concern is always to improve the shooting process. I was confident in Grayguns because Bruce Gray actually collaborated with Sig Sauer on the P320 platform. They are experts in their field without a doubt. They are also the number one Sig custom shop in the country. These are some of their pieces:

Grip Reduction: The X5 LEGION P320 has a blocky grip out of the box. I thought it could be improved. The grip reduction shaved down the shelf and deepened the groove under the trigger guard so as to narrow the circumference as much as possible. This is the most noticeable modification I have ever made to a pistol. It allows the hands to gain a stronger grip and the gun feels more stable. This results in improved comfort and better recoil management. I do have small hands. They signed up for the upgrade after letting others try the grip. The upgrade simply feels better. 

Silicon Carbide:. The grip becomes much less slippery after applying silicon carbide. This is accomplished by grinding silicon carbide and applying epoxy. It is not ideal for most people to feel their sweaty palms slip off the grip after a bit of shooting. There are many options for applying grip texture, including grip tape and stippling. It is easy to wear grip tape. It should be replaced every season. It is great to stipple, but not as aggressive as silicon carbide.


The P320 X5 Legion, which I have tested for many thousands of rounds, is an excellent choice regardless of your use case. This pistol is ideal for competition, but it can be upgraded to become elite.

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