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Under the Oak Tree Novel Series

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Under the Oak Tree, also known as Uchi no Shiori, is an anime series based on the collection of novels by Hiromi Ogata that follows the story of a young girl who was caught in the middle of what many people would consider an unrequited love triangle between her and two men from her past.

While this anime might not be everyone’s favorite, it does have its merits and may be worth your time to check out if you like this kind of genre or are looking for something new to watch. Here are some things you should know about Under the Oak Tree before you start watching it.

Is this series worth watching?

This series is based on a webcomic and it’s not too bad, but I can see why it’s dropped off. The characters aren’t very compelling, nor do they seem to learn anything from their past mistakes. I found myself getting bored halfway through and losing interest quickly, which leads me to believe that if you like a slice-of-life anime where things don’t happen then you will enjoy Under the Oak Tree. However, if you want something that keeps your attention or something with a little more substance then look elsewhere because there are better options out there.

Explain some problems with the first two episodes: After watching the first two episodes of Under The Oak Tree I felt as though both were kind of boring in their way. At no point did either episode catch my attention or even come close for that matter. Even though a lot was going on neither episode really made me care about what was happening to them.

If it’s any indication at all, right now I’m not really enjoying myself and that doesn’t bode well when it comes to whether or not people will enjoy an anime series. For example, ReLife did something similar by pulling a sudden romance subplot out of nowhere and then dropping it again just as quickly without further explanation besides it didn’t work out even after several episodes dedicated to developing said romance plotline. Is it because I don’t like slice-of-life anime?

What will I like about it?

Under The Oak Tree is a classic samurai anime series about a young man named Ryoma Sakamoto that was born in Japan but raised on an island located near China. When Ryoma returns to his homeland, he learns that there’s a civil war going on and joins in fighting for what he believes in. The series explores themes of loyalty, revenge, honor, power, and justice. It’s more than just a great samurai anime—it’s one of my all-time favorites! I thought I would like it because: As someone who grew up watching shows like Mobile Suit Gundam and other robots in space animes, I wasn’t expecting much from Under The Oak Tree when I decided to give it a try.

But after just two episodes, I was hooked! Samurai anime often deals with themes revolving around conflicts between duty and desire—both important topics for me as a college student. And after watching such stuffy historical dramas over summer break, it was nice to watch something exciting but still familiar from my favorite genre of TV shows growing up.


What could be better?

An Under-the-Oak-Tree series review. After a year’s hiatus, it is time to take another look at one of 2017’s major anime hits. You can read my initial thoughts on Under the Oak Tree here. Between seasons 1 and 2 I learned more about anime, found a better job in an industry unrelated to anime or writing about them (sort of), had a baby and haven’t watched nearly as much Japanese animation.

These experiences have influenced how I saw season 2 compared to its predecessor. In light of that, there might be some changes from my last thoughts on the show (if you haven’t seen any). This should be interesting! Another world: Out of all of Under the Oak Tree’s bad traits, the art style is not one. Some people complained that characters looked too similar to each other, so when a new character showed up he was immediately recognizable because he looked completely different than everyone else. If you read last time, you know these images stuck with me for years after I first saw them: How does Satoru Hanzawa differ from every other character? He has giant eyes! That’s why we remember him!

Under the Oak Tree

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My Verdict

Under The Oak Tree is a beautifully crafted story told from multiple perspectives that are guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. While it does have some flaws, its brilliant art style and engaging story make it a must-watch for anyone who loves drama or fantasy stories. I would recommend watching it with as few spoilers as possible so you can go in blind, which makes my rating of 3.5/5 difficult.

I’m rounding up to 4/5 because of its superb art and soundtrack, along with beautiful animation transitions; however, I wish there were more significant character arcs later on in season 2 rather than ending where they did (although endings are subjective). This series gets a 4/5 from me because of how much detail went into each episode along with fantastic animation that brings these characters to life! Whether you’re an avid anime fan or want something different from western media, I highly recommend giving Under the Oak Tree a shot! It’s currently on Crunchyroll for premium members!


The final rating for the Under the Oak Tree series is a 7/10. It’s an excellent anime for anybody to watch, and it provides several valuable life lessons. If you are looking for a casual yet thought-provoking anime that will make you smile, then look no further than our site A lot of people knock it because they compare it to other (much more controversial) shows; if you don’t watch or read that kind of things then our site is right up your alley.

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