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What you need to know about bulletproof body armor plates

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It may be that someone will attack you if the situation is bad enough, for example when there is an epidemic outbreak. For instance, active shooters and home invasions are less common emergencies.

It is essential to prevent holes and protect yourself with body armor in the framework of “create holes, prevent holes, plug holes” in emergency combat.

For a bulletproof body armor review, we spent over 100 hours researching so you don’t have to – or worse, do the wrong thing and end up dead. We analyzed over 240 armor products, including 90 that were examined in-depth.

It is difficult to choose the right body armor plates because there are so many factors to consider. There is usually one type of common AR-15 round that stays off steel plates, and another that stays off ceramic plates. Thin, but heavy steel plates are very common. Ceramic and plastic plates are light but thick. There are many trade-offs to take into account.

Laws governing body armor

In most areas of the US, citizens can buy body armor online. People who are convicted of a crime are not allowed to have armor. Connecticut residents have to purchase their armor in person. A background check or identification is not done by the government.

American armor is the focus of this guide. The majority of these products cannot be shipped internationally. Growing numbers of vendors now verify citizenship before shipping goods. That is the case in the US as well. However, other countries in the EU are much more strict. It is mandatory to acquire a security license in some provinces in Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia), but many Canadians report bringing items home from the U.S. without any issues. In Australia, body armor is essentially banned.

Bulletproof doesn’t always mean bulletproof

In movies and popular culture, armors are often called bulletproof vests, however, the incorrect terminology gives the impression that armors are impervious to bullets. A gun suppressor, like its name, gives the wrong impression that it makes your shots silent. It sounds like the soft pew-pew noise you hear in action movies.

No device you would use in real life is bulletproof, short of owning a tank. Regardless of how extreme a weapon is or how common it may be, any armor can be overcome.

The types of armor plates for the body

A brand name, such as Kevlar or Dragon Skin, is sometimes confused with a class of armor. A brand name will most likely have capital letters. All armors are either soft or hard, and can be integrated or can be separated into plates.

Bulletproof vests normally refer to vests made from soft armor fabric: armor plates come in separate pieces and are slid into pouches, or plate carriers, on a vest or chest rig. The chest rigs do more than hold the plate – they also serve as a supporting structure for radios, lights, and ammunition.

It is possible to have hard or soft plates. They are sometimes referred to as inserts as opposed to plates. Due to their purpose of stopping bullets, both types of plates are referred to as “ballistic” plates. The feeling of being shot is unpleasant regardless of your armor. Some people wear an armor plate between their torso and a soft trauma pad.

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What is the difference between hard and soft armor?

Armor passes the kinetic energy to an array of surfaces while catching or destroying the bullet.

Defending against knives, pistols, and shotguns requires soft armor, whereas rifles and explosives require hard armor.

The soft armor is made of woven fabric nets that are strong and flexible. Just as if you were trying to poke a finger through your shirt, the bullet catches in the fabric weave and absorbs the energy.

This type of armor is more comfortable and can cover a larger area around the torso. This type of armor, however, has a lower threat protection level.

All-in-one vests are the most common form of soft armor. Alternatively, soft, standalone plates can be slipped into vests and backpacks.

Stand-alone plate versus multi-piece plate

A common mistake new buyers make is not realizing that some armor can be used in conjunction with other pieces.

For those products to provide the threat level rating they are certified for, a soft ballistic pad must be layered over them. You will not be fully protected without the entire package.

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