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Here are the essential facts about Whatfinger News

Here is a link to the main news page. You won’t find a better site for links than this. That description is biased, however, we’re honest. See for yourself. Whatfinger News’ video and blog section are located here. In the beginning, we gave almost anything a thumbs up, thumbs down, or middle finger rating. In addition to those sources, we showcase videos and commentary from FOX, CNN, Rebel Media, Mark Dice, Black Pigeon, and many others.

Whatfinger News is the only source of news you need…

It’s unusual because we show you opposing viewpoints (for example, MSNBC versus FOX). As you digest all points of view, you come to your conclusion and opinion, which is how you get to the truth. Freedom to feel, think, and learn without being restricted. As compared with other news sites, Whatfinger offers this feature. Each day, we consume a lot of news.

To create the ultimate destination for link news, we are a relentless team.

Military people founded Whatfinger News, which is 100% unapologetically patriotic. However, we don’t exclude opposing viewpoints or news sources. As opposed to other sites that might trick you into visiting sites you don’t want to, we label them on the homepage in sections or individually. Ours is the opposite!

It’s always beneficial to have at your fingertips some opposing views to make yourself a more well-rounded and worldly individual in our increasingly partisan society and world. Seeing what people who disagree with you think and say about a news item is always interesting. This can be both upsetting and revealing. However, we live in a crazy world.

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I do not recommend this site to anyone who is easily offended. 

Sincerity is told…if you are a ‘snowflake’ in any way, you might die from the things you discover on both ends of the spectrum.

We believe that there should be no censorship here and that there should be no fake speech codes. There is no hate speech clause in the Bill of Rights. In my opinion, hate speech doesn’t exist, and if you believe there is, then you don’t understand why the U.S. Constitution is written the way it does. When it comes to freedom of speech, guess what? It’s what you deem hate speech to be. We offer the most comprehensive news site in existence, so put your big boy or big girl pants on and read on. You have our word.

For a few days, choose Our Home Page at Whatfinger.com for your news updates. The process will be fun, with an added dash of humor for balance.

You can enjoy life and learn all about it at the same time. That’s something you won’t find on most other news sites.

Our site posts news fast, sometimes quicker than anyone else’s, sometimes not. The news, the tips, the blog posts, as well as the video news from all over the country and the world are all at your fingertips. We would greatly appreciate it if you gave us a thumbs up, down, or even the middle finger. Your welcome. We sincerely appreciate the comments, but we can’t respond to each one. I can’t believe some people are so crazy. Perhaps they’re not…

We will not post anything unless you send it to us by email – (please copy it over as bots will locate the link) but our direct email is [email protected] (Gmail has better spam controls than our server).

Having you as a reader is a pleasure for me. Your visits are much appreciated!

People of all kinds are respected in the military. It doesn’t matter what race, color, or creed our brothers and sisters come from. The Founders of our country have worked hard to create something great, and we know how great it is. Leftists have no concept of what this means. Americans are just another nation to them. They could not be more wrong. Only the left is ashamed of the light we bring to this world. However, most Venezuelans also feel that we must be ‘equal’ as in equally poor. What’s their problem? I hope you enjoy this page.

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