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Know What’s Your Red Flag By Taking A Fun quiz

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Ever figured out what are the red flags your personality reflects when you are in social gatherings? If not, then take a valid personality test to know what’s your red flag that repels people.   

Being human, we all are full of flaws and shortcomings. Imperfections are what beautifully make us perfect, that’s what makes us human. Although some people struggle their whole life to achieve perfection, the truth is that always struggling to make everything perfect is also an imperfection. Hence, making us all full of green and red flags.

According to a survey, an average human being meets around 80,000 people in his or her life. This might sound a lot but it’s true! While meeting people we always try to connect with those with whom our vibes match. The first thing people do while meeting others is to judge other people’s personalities, social energy, and appearances intentionally or unintentionally.

Knowing what’s your red flag will help you in improving your personality and outshining every social gathering.

What Are Red Flags?

A red flag is a term used to indicate a problem or danger. It is a negative intuition or feeling of a person towards other people. To work on any relationship and commitment we must understand the red flags exhibited by other people. Sometimes it is difficult to identify them and know the reasons that are causing problems in your relationship. Those red flags might be yours.

Some people have a very attractive personality filled with green flags that makes you want them. But some people exhibit the red flags that you instantly want to ignore. Have you ever wondered how you look in social gatherings? What are your personality traits that are an absolute green signal to connect with other people? And what are your personality red flags that make other people leave?

If you have not read yourself enough or are struggling to know what your red flags are, then take a “what’s your red flag personality quiz”. This quiz is not like your boring school quiz, it’s a fun-filled quiz that will make you dive deep into yourself to know who you are.

Before indulging in that let us elaborate on what are red flags, whether are they true, and how to identify the red flags?

Red Flags In Personality

You can often judge someone’s red flags by analyzing their personality. Someone who has a narcissistic personality and keeps obsessing with themselves is a huge red flag! Someone who lacks empathy is alcoholic or an addict is also a red flag. Such personality traits are a sign for you to move back.

But does that mean that we should ban those people from our lives? Consider yourself having such traits without realizing it. These traits might push people away from you. If you know what’s your red flag, then you can surely work on it to become a better person.

Red Flags In Relationships And Friendships

When in a relationship we find the other person so attractive that we dismiss their red flags. We think that all the toxic traits are changeable. However, this is not the case. For example, your partner is overly possessive about you and gets jealous when you meet your friends. You might take this as his caring habit, but it is a serious control or insecurity problem.

Having manipulative behavior, mistrust, and lack of self-esteem are some very common red flags in relationships that negatively impact the mental and physical health of people around you.

Similarly, there are red flags to be identified in friendships too. Do you have a friend who just does not want to share you with anyone? Or someone who does not get happy when you achieve the little things in your life? Or are you that friend?

Secretly getting jealous or stopping your friend from hanging out with his other friends is also a sign that shows something needs to be addressed or changed. Silent treatment or getting abusive in front of everyone is also a stop sign.

These are just a few red flags from a hoard of cautionary signs that we have mentioned. There are plenty more that need to be addressed. Now coming back to you! While reading this article, did you have a slight feeling that we are talking about you? Or OMG! It’s me! Let’s find out more about yourself through what’s your red flag personality quiz.

What’s Your Red Flag Quiz

To explore your red flags in relationships and personality take a what’s your red flag test and find out more about yourself through the what’s your red flag quiz. You must be wondering how these quizzes work. Think no more! Here’s a complete quiz guide.

A Guide To The Red Flag Personality Quiz

The quiz is a ten questions based test that will ask you random self-reporting questions related to your personality. The test starts by asking your good name. Once you enter your name there is a list of questions that appear one by one.

You will have to select the nearest suitable option from the given multiple-choice questions. The questions are related to your relationship with your parents, your sun sign, your relationship with your trusted friends, your water drinking habits, your wishes, and so on.

These fun-filled questions will take you on a ride to explore yourself and will make you wonder who you really are. At the end of the questions, you will get a result showing you your red flag. It could be self-obsession, co-dependency, manipulation, gatekeeping, being emotionally unavailable, etc.   

What To Do After Identifying Your Red Flag?

It is always nice to see a person who is trying to become a better version of himself with every passing day. If you take what’s your red flag test and get your result, then what shall you do next? Consider it a game and move on. Or take it seriously and try to connect your behavior with the possible disturbing trait.

Understand Yourself

After finding out the result you must take it seriously and understand that some traits in you distract people from you. Analyze your behavior and understand in which possible situations you exhibit your toxic trait. Sometimes, the problem is not in you.

Communicate With Your Partner

The red flags in relationships must be addressed rather than suppressed and ignored. You must be honest with yourself and your partner while communicating. This will help in alleviating most of your red flags.

Without freedom of expression, problems will arise and your green flags might also turn into red flags for your partner. Openly discussing the red and green flags with your partner will give a sense of security and will help in strengthening your relationship.  

Don’t Hate Yourself and Don’t Overthink

If someone highlights your red flags or is good enough to nicely and secretly address the issue, then do not overthink it. Some people turn the constructive discussion into a destructive manner and start overthinking everything related to them.

Giving triggered and irrational responses to a simple discussion also make a person vulnerable and make relationships problematic. While talking about utterly sensitive and crucial topics like relationships, a person must stay calm and respond as rationally as possible.

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Find Solutions

We all have heard “where there is a will, there is a way”. If you are someone who knows what’s your red flag and want to change yourself then find the best possible solution to resolve the conflicts. Practice all the good you need to modify your personality and eliminate your red flags.

Sometimes setting proper boundaries, observing others, and connecting with them give us sustainable solutions to our problems. Moreover, meeting people, joining support groups, and listening to constructive podcasts or interviews also help in giving a different perspective on your traits and personality.

Seek Professional Help

It happens many times that we are aware of our red flags, we know something is wrong, but we act helpless. We do not understand how to change who we are or how to bring a positive change in our lives. In such cases, seeking professional help is the best possible way to go.

If self-fighting and dealing with your red flags alone is not helping, then surely an experienced therapist or professional can help you in identifying your red flags and can help you find the direction to handle the problematic part.

Are Online Red Flag Tests Accurate?

Well, not all but many red and green flags tests are designed to highlight a certain part of your personality. These tests might not be 100 percent accurate, but they are surely providing the audience with a proper insight about themselves and making them look for the toxic traits in their behaviors.  

However, clinically designed personality tests are a completely different thing. They are valid and reliable and are implemented after clarifying certain sets of instructions. Personality tests are also highly useful to understand your personality and its underlying elements.


We all have red flags, and they are present in us to identify them and become a better person. Taking what’s your red flag quiz will unveil your unattractive personality trait that repels others in a fun manner and will help in moving a step forward to know yourself. Have a happy quizzing!

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